Saturday, 11 May 2013

Jenny Packham - autumn/winter 2013/14


hi fashionista ! sorry for april month only one entry .i'm busy with exam preparations .lots i have to do .but for today i will share with you ,it about fashion show by Jenny Packham .

as we know Jenny Packham is talented fashion designer .for this time Jenny Packham most use a beads at their designs.their design look simple but there is a show infused beads that look elegant designs.she just uses a based colour that not to shine .that way she put beads at their design to more look elegant and sparkle .it most to dinner events.

Jenny Packham

omg ! i most likes all their designs .it's soooooo beautiful .i feel that i'm wearing that dresses .haha.just dreaming .but their designs still looks feminine .i'm salute with her because their designs makes me melting. haha.

okey,i think that it's for today.sorry for my broken english.haha
hope you guys like it !
Assalamualaikum.bubye =D

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